Stephen Page  

Stephen Page with his daily driver, a 2001 Eldorado.

                                                                      Stephen's father's, now his, '96 DeVille

Stephen's 2002 Collector Series Eldo w/only a few hundred miles on it and his '70 too.



Rare Cougar TURBO Coupe & dad's DeSoto    Stephen at Mancinis, Spring 2005

Stephan and his 2002 Collector Series Eldorado, the final year of production.

Ramblin Roy’s Rambled into Stephen Page’s world. Steven is 2nd year member of CLC who’s involvement started with his daily driver “falling apart”. As he looked for a daily driver Cadillac had a SALE. He bought a 2001 Eldo that he drove home on 9/11, yup Twin Towers day. A bad day for all of us has turned out to be a good day for Stephen.

This has turned out to be a very good day in fact. Stephen started too really like the Eldo, “it’s a sweet ride” he says. Soon he learned they were going to discontinue the line. This prompted him to “mortgage the farm” and buy a 2002 Collector Series Eldorado which occupies the upper bay in the collector garage he built for it and is seldom driven; In fact the bottom is a shiny as the top.

Next he had a chance to get his father’s 1995 Series 95 Sedan Deville. His father had his first Cadillac when he was just twenty years old. Family responsibilities found him in another mode of transportation, a ’56 Desoto Sportsman, that Stephen still has. After the DeSoto dad got back into Cads in ’63 with a ’58 4-door Fleetwood.

 Like most of us it’s neat to have a reminder of our father. As Stephen says “once you get a Cadillac you don’t go back.” Stephen also has a ’70 SUPERCHARGED, 5-speed Cougar (1 of 2200 built) which is similar to the car he had before his first Eldo. Both these cars fall into Stephens’s firm commitment to 2-door cars. Only the DeSoto and Deville of his father’s are 4-doors, otherwise he’s only ever had 2-doors.

Another 2-door Stephen acquired is a 1970 Eldorado with the 500CID 400HP motor. Advertised as “The Gentleman’s Hotrod” this was the only year of this combination.

As with all but his fathers Deville, it’s white. Yup, 5 of 6 cars in this man’s world are white.

So now we’ve got a picture of Stephen’s current collection: 1956 DeSoto 4-door hardtop Fireflite, 1970 Cadillac Fleetwood Eldorado, 1990 Cougar XR7, 1995 Cad Sedan DeVille in dark cherry, 2001 Cad Eldorado and 2002 Cad Eldorado Collector Series. He hopes to add a 16 cylinder Cadillac when they come out, even if it is a 4-door.

Inside the house there are signs confirming what his E-mail address says - A few plaques, die cast models, posters, decals reference books and other memorabilia adorn the garages interior and corners of the living area. Also like most of us he doesn’t get as much time as he’d like to maintain his fleet but he does run them once a month and puts a few miles on each one from time-to-time to keep the fuel fresh.

Stephen really enjoys the club’s driving tours and other social events. “The people are really friendly and there’s a real variety of cars”. His first driving tour was a year ago and since then he’s attended the Red Wing tour with the 2002 Eldo, April’s Mancini's dinner, Western WI Spring tour this year and last months tour around Lake Minnetonka. “All have been well attended and a lot of fun” Stephen says and is hoping to get to New Ulm with the club on this fall’s tour.

My trip into Stephen Page’s world included his sister’s chocolate chip cookies and berry bear. Thank You Stephen for the hospitality.

Roy Boone, Herald Columnist & Club Webmaster

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