Bob Campbell's story in pictures.

Bob's 1941 6267D Convertible Coupe as shown at Aquatore Park, Blaine, MN in 2002


Bob's 6337 Coupe DeVille


Bob's 1956 6737 Coupe DeVille                          Bob's & Herb Karow's '56's at the 2004

won an award at the 2002 Grand National         All GM Show on the MN State Fair Grounds.

in Detroit, MI, Cadillac's 100th Birthday.


Bob's 1970 68347 DeVille Convertible won            Bob's '70 as he bought it at the Ellingson Car

at the 2004 Grand National in South Bend, IN      Museum and Sales, Rogers, MN, in 2002.


Bob, Daune warren, Al Longley & Dick Moeschter

all won awards at the 2004 Grand National in

South Bend, IN

Bob & Maria Roepne, Mancinis, 2005                 Bob's 1956 Coupe DeVille as shown at The First Fifties Show, Spring 2005, MN State Fairgrounds