Earl Faulkner Sr. & his wife Jill's Story.

Their '1976 6D47 Coupe DeVille                    Earl at the 2002 Club Picnic at

on the 2003 Fall Tour, Bayfield, WI.                  Como Park, St. Paul, MN









Earl & Jill on the 2003 Fall Tour to Bayfield,

WI. It turned out to be their honeymoon.

Faulkner's latest acquisition, a 1958 Coupe DeVille Brougham, above at the 2004 All GM

Show at the MN State Fair Grounds, below on the 2004 Lake Minnetonka/Emblem Tour.


below, Earl and his mother Mae on the 2004 Fall Tour along the Minnesota River By-Ways.

Earl & kids at the '04 Sunday Brunch