Herb Karow, NorthStar Region Rep to the

National Cadillac LaSalle Club

Herb's 1956 Coupe DeVille as shown at the First Fifty Show, Spring 2005, MN State Fairgrounds

Mancinis, Spring 2005

Herb's '56 at the '04 Sunday Brunch






Herb Karow's '56 Coupe DeVille Hardtop at the 2004 All Gm Show

with Bob Campbell's near twin '56 in the back ground.






Herb Karow at the 2004 Garage Tour w/his '79 La Cabriolet by Hess & Eisenhardt.










Daughter Kelly w/Herb at the '04 Grand        Herb recieving award from Earl Faulkner Sr.

National in South Bend, IN.                            at the 2003 25th Anniversary of our club.



Dave Kotz & Herb Karow at the 2002 Picnic.   Herb's '59 convertible.