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2017 Calendar of Events


Last Up Dated October 9, 2017


All dates, times and locations are subject to change.

Please call ahead or check the latest issue of The Herald


                               Calendar of Events
JAN l5 - Sunday-Annual Holiday Brunch
Location:  Jax Cafe'
                 1928 University Avenue NE, Minneapolis, MN 55418
Time:       11:00 A.M.
                AIl members are welcome to attend

Jan 18 - Wednesday - Board Meeting.  Cub Foods 3930 Silver
                    Lake Road St. Anthony 7pm

FEB - Open

MAR  18th - Wednesday - Burger Run
                  Convention Grill,  3912 Sunnyside Road, Edina ,MN
                  55424.  6:30 pm.  All members welcome.
APR  13th - Thursday - Burger Run
                   Ole Piper Inn,  1416 93rd LN N.E., Blaine, MN
                   6:30 pm.  763-248-7031.  All members welcome.
APR  29th - Saturday - Classis Car Club Spring Tour
                       Leave from Main Street Stillwater, MN
                       Contact Ed Gunyo for Information. 

MAY 9th  -  Tuesday-Annual NSR Banquet at Mancini's
Location:        Mancini's Char House
                       531W Seventh Street, St. Paul, MN 55102
Time:             6:00 P.M. cocktails 7:00 P.M. dinner
                      RSVP:  Ed Gunyo by April 12, 2017.

MAY 20th - Saturday - Spring Car Tour
                       Wine and Cheese Factories in Western Wisconsin
                       Meet at parking lot of Park & Ride I-94 East and
                       HI 95  on the NE side of 94 at 9:00 AM.
                       All members welcome to attend.

JUN  4th - Sunday  -  All GM Car Show
                       Minnesota State Fairgrounds - Machinery Hill
                       Pot Luck Lunch.  Contact Gene Rafferty 612-202-                       8852.
                       Need volunteers to work from 7am to 12pm.

Jun  21st - Wednesday  -  Burger Run
                       Lookout Grill & Bar
                       8672 Pinewiew LN N. Maple Grove, MN
                       5:00  pm.
                       All members welcome to attend.

July  11th - Tuesday  -  Burger Run
                       Minnetonka Drive Inn
                       4658 Shoreline Drive, Spring Park, MN
                       6:00 pm.
                       All members welcome to attend.

August 26th - Saturday -  Annual Steak Fry 
                       840 71st Ave. NE, Loche Park, Fridley, MN
                       4:00 pm.

Sept. 19th - Tuesday -- Burger Run
                       The Pub  7600 42nd Ave. N.  New Hope, MN
                       6:00 P.M.

Sept. 20th - Wednesday -- Board Meeting
                       Cub Foods 3930 Silver Lake Road, St Anthony,
                       55421      7PM

Oct. 14th - Saturday -- Fall Tour --

Oct. 18th - Wednesday -- Board Meeting
                       Cub Foods 3930 Silver Lake Road, St Anthony,
                       55421      7PM

Oct. 22nd - Sunday -- Annual Fall Brunch
                       Gulden's Restaurant  2999 Maplewood Drive,
                       Maplewood, MN.   11 A.M.

Nov. 15th - Wednesday -- Board Meeting
                       Cub Foods  3930 Silver Lake Road, St Anthony,
                       55421      7PM

Nov. 16th - Thursday --  Burger Run
                       Starks Saloon  3125 Dodd Road, Eagan, MN
                       6:00 P.M.

Jan. 21st -- 2018 -- 3rd Annual Holiday Brunch
                       Jax Cafe  1928 University Ave. N.E.  Minneapolis
                       11:00 A.M.


RSVP for Events to Pat Botten  at 612-722-1561