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Members & Friends Automobiles


Herb Karow's '59

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Al & Kathy Longley's 1956 Coupe DeVille, Click Here for more of the Longley's cars.

Earl & Jill Faulkner's '58 Coupe DeVille Brougham. Click Here.

Dan Reed's 1956 Series 62 Sed. DeVille, Click Here for more.

Ken Lancaster's '59 Convertible.

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Paul & Barbara Flytk's '57 Cpe DeVille, Click Here for more.






Paul & Judy Marcello'o

'55 Cpe DeVille B/4 & After

Bob Campbell's 1956 Cpe DeVille below. Click Here for more.







1959 4-door, Armin Hailers

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Herb Karow's 1956 Cpe DeVille

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Herb & Bob's 56's at All GM Show

Bob's 1959 6337 Cpe DeVille

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Lloyd & Bonnie Bergman's, Click Here for more.

1953 7523X 7P Fleetwood Sedan.

Monty & Mary Ann Robinson's 1955 w/rare "Passing Mirror", Click Here for more.


NorthStar Region Members: To be included in this Photo Gallery please submit a photo of your pride and joy to Jerry Steelman or Duane Warren.

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  Kotz's '50 Sedan

'54 Hoods Up!


 '56 Grille

 Black Hood Reflections

  '53 Cadillac Earl's '58 Fins  

Campbell's '59 at Key Cadillac Show.

 Fins on Campbell's '59


 Earl's '58 Grille

             Eldo Trio at Anaheim.

  50's Hood Crest Reflections.

  50's Toy Cadillacs, Etc.


Lancaster's '59
at Vegas

  Lancaster's '59 at New Jersey