Mancinis, Spring 2005

                                                and their '40 LaSalle at the 2005 Spring Tour

Grayle & Miriam Leech,

More on the rebuild of their '40 LaSalle was written about in the

Feb 2004 Herald, Click Here to read that issue. This story went on

to the Mar '04 issue also. Click Here to see that issue.

Also don't miss the story of Grayle & Miriam below these pictures.

                                                                 Leech's 1940 LaSalle 5227C coupe

My wife Miriam and I are newer members of the NR CLC.   We joined in May 2002.   Here is the story of our car.

During the summer of 1966 my dad was visiting his hometown Luverne, MN when he came across an interesting car at the local Cadillac dealers used car lot.  Sitting in the back row was the 1940 LaSalle 5227C coupe.   He made the purchase and drove it home to the Excelsior area and found it to be in pretty good shape and mostly complete.  The next year, the LaSalle moved to California with the family and he soon took on the task of having new paint, chrome, interior and tires installed.

A few years later the LaSalle came back to Minnesota with another family move.  When dad decided to sell it in 1973, I bought it right away.  Miriam and I have enjoyed this car during all of these years.  It has been very dependable over the years and we have driven it to various club events ( AACA & CLC ) all over the state. However, it does have a few quirks, which I hope to resolve during 2004.

My current project is to overhaul the engine and clutch and fix a few other mechanical problems.  I expect this project will be on going and keep me busy when I retire someday!

Someday came in the winter of 2003/2004. It's reported that "IT RUNS!" in July of 2004. Congratulations on Grayle's 1st engine rebuild and thanks to Jerry Steeman for tech support.

by Grayle Leech