Jerry & Zona Steeman

Jerry, President NorthStar Region, Cadillac La Salle Club, 2005

 Jerry & Zona @ Grand National 2004              1946 4-dr Highway Cruiser               1947 Conv Cpe


Eldo, sometimes drive to work car                1941, 02 All GM Best of Show Award Winner







Jerry and Zona Steelman & their 1941 62 626D Cadillac Convertible Coupe

This is our 1941 62 Convertible Coupe. It has most of the accessories that were available in 1941-radio, automatic heating system, windshield washer, large wheel discs, fender skirts, wide white tires, license plate frames, and a special steering wheel.

The car was delivered to Longwell Motors in Des Moines IA.  Mr. Joseph Gerbracht from Ames Iowa took delivery of it in March 1941 and had it until the late 40ís. He owned a movie theater in Ames. I have no idea where the car was from the 40ís until 1976. In 35 years it had gone from a #1 car to a #4 or #5. It had been driven and didnít spend any time sitting in a garage.

My brother Melvin and I purchased it in September 1976. It needed a complete restoration, which we started on within a few days after buying the car. We did a full frame-off restoration. In 1977 there were no build sheets available. This was a special order car, both interior and exterior, which made some things real hard to guess what and how they were originally done.

Also in 1977 Melvin was diagnosed with a heart problem that was incurable. So all of a sudden I had a car completely torn down, and a brother who could not help me as much as he had helped before. His dream was to someday see that car finished, and be able to drive it. It went together much faster than it should have, but he got to drive it and enjoy it for a short while.

I was never satisfied with the way I put the car together the first time, in 1998 I took it all down and started over.

Anything that needed fixing or replacing got done-new paint, new chrome, new leather upholstery, motor, top and more. It took about two years from start to finish.

Now it shows well. The first show I took it to it won 1st place and Best of Show awards. It drives the way a new í41 would drive. I have put about 500 miles on this car since finishing the restoration.

by Jerry Steelman